7 Tips For Maintaining Healthy Hair

tips for maintaining healthy hair

  1. Don’t over wash and check ingredients in your products.
    Parabens, Sulphates, Phthalates, Mineral Oils etc 
    don’t belong in your hair care products it’s a good idea to check the ingredients list before purchasing. This is something I am trying my best at doing. A friend told me recently that a woman is exposed to 80 toxic chemicals within the first few hours she is awake per day. How crazy is that? Now while I haven’t had a full overhaul of my beauty products I am trying to make a conscious effort to at least learn about these baddies. Essano is a brand that is readily available from Priceline and is super affordable. They make some wonderful skin care and now hair products. The Acai Berry Color Protect  Shampoo & Conditioner has been a regular in my hair care rotation recently and I am really enjoying them. The scent takes me back to being a kid and drinking red cordial. I love that it makes my hair feel clean and keeps it looking healthy and shiny days after it’s been washed. I like to only wash my hair once or twice a week. I think this really helps to maintain the shine and prevents it from getting too dry.
  2. Sleep on a silk pillow case.
    If you have never slept on a silk pillow case, where have you been living? Not only is this great for your skin but your hair too. I love that I can wash my hair and even go to sleep with it out and wet and when I wake up in the morning its frizz/tangle/knot free, and if I’m lucky I don’t even need to brush it! Yes, you heard right! If (on the rare occasion) I’ve blow dried and styled it before bed it’s still looking great and not flat the next day. One of my favourites comes from a brand called *shhhsilk their pillow cases are made from 100% silk and come in a range of colours. So make sure you check them out.
  3. Use a treatment or leave in conditioner.
    I find this really helps my hair remain knot, tangle free and super shiny. A current obsession of mine is the *Essano Coconut Milk Leave In Conditioner. We are onto our second bottle at home and it’s fantastic. I will pop a small amount onto the mid lengths and ends of my hair while it’s still wet and I’ll let it air dry. It smells beautiful and I know my hair is getting that added moisture without being weighed down or looking oily. I use this in Lani’s hair too, it definitely helps when it comes time to brush her hair!
  4. Regular salon visits
    Believe it or not but trimming away those yucky ends regularly will do wonders for hair growth. I also believe that it’s important to seek out a professional when colouring your hair too. The temptation of at home colouring may look good to the hip pocket but for the overall health of your hair, it’s not. And while you are at the salon why not ask for a professional basin treatment too.
  5. Use a micro fibre towel
    I always use a micro fibre towel when I dry my hair. I find that the moisturiser gets sucked right up cutting down drying time and minimising the need to rub or scrunch the hair which causes frizz and breakage.
  6. Be careful when brushing
    I like to let my hair air dry and much as possible before brushing. Evidently, that sometimes goes right out the window when its 11 pm and I’m trying to get to bed and fall asleep before the kids wake up, but I always try let it dry as much as possible before I give it a brush.
  7. Stay away from tight hair ties & pulled back hair styles 
    This one for me, it’s a big no-no. A few months back I consistently had a head ache. It took me so long to realise it was the fact I was using super tight hair ties and styling my hair too high. I don’t have the thickest hair but the pressure from having it tight and high really played havoc. I started using a clip to keep my hair away from my face and I would style my hair in a low bun if I needed to wear it up. I couldn’t believe the difference it made to the overall health of my hair. It was less tangled, looked straighter, felt thicker and I had a lot less shedding. My favourite clips are from Layne Jayne. They don’t pull or get tangled in the hair. If I do need to wear my hair up I like to use *Style Guard Sprial hair ties. One of the best things about this kind of hair tie is that they will not leave that annoying kink in your hair. I have used these for years and are the best for messy buns. They allow you get “mess” without the need for 1000 bobby pins.
    What are your tips for keeping your hair looking its best?


tips for maintaining healthy hair

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  • Lots of great tips! I’ve slept on silky pillowcases for years and it really does help my skin and hair.

  • Great tips, love the post 🙂

  • The Life of Laura

    I’m looking at so many of these feeling like I’ve been letting my hair down 😂 I don’t use a silk pillow case, don’t go to the salon regularly and am just so lazy with my hair. Definitely need to take some of these tips!

    Laura || http://www.thelifeoflaura.com.au xx