Brow Stamps | Do They Really Work?

If you are a routine watcher of beauty videos on Youtube I’m sure you would have seen the Brow Stamp trend taking over. If not let me give you a quick run down. Essentially each kit comes with the brow powder along with 2 eyebrow shaped stamps that are made from a soft sponge material, similar to a beauty sponge. As the instructions go, simply dip the stamp into the power and stamp directly onto the brow. This is meant to a super time-saving way to get the brows filled in, which you know I am all about that time-saving life. If you would like to see my experience using the Leezi Brow Makeup, check out my video below.

Brow Stamp
Brow Stamp

Brow Stamp

brow stamp

  • Bernadette

    I’m so grateful for my low maintenance brows. I don’t think i could be bothered to deal with the drama brows can cause. I haven’t heard of brow stamps before and there are so many brow powders on the market now. This sound great for those who have quite sparse brows.

    • I wish I had that issue. Mine have been tattooed but before that I have nothing. LOL!

  • Loved your video! I don’t know how time saving they would actually been? I can see that in someways it would be quick but you would still need to go back and fill in the gaps. Interesting concept and I think it would be great for people with thin brows.

    • After filming my video I seen a guy using them and instead of actually pressing them onto his brows he just lightly swept the stamp over the brow hairs and it actually turned out really good so maybe I just can’t be so heavy handed possibly.

  • Wow, i have not heard of brow stamps before but this sounds so interesting. Such an amazing product for the brows.

    • Thanks so much! You should swatch youtube there are some funny videos of people trying them out LOL

  • I have never seen these before! Love this video, thank you so much for sharing and doing a live demo! I tried brow stencils once and the outcome was terrible haha but this doesn’t look that bad! I think people with barely there brows would really benefit from this 🙂 x

    • Aw, thanks so much for your kind words Marisa. Look if the stamps were a little more suited my eye shape then I think it could certainly work. I still do really love the formula of the brow powder.

  • Lubz

    I’m a bit iffy about brow stamps as you don’t really have a one size fits all on brows. Every brow is different – even on the same face!
    Lubz ||

  • Zerin Hassan

    I need to try these haha