Hair Trends 2017 – New Cuts & Colours Ideas for 2017

I have been growing my hair since our engagement 3 years ago so I haven’t really paid much attention to trends of late. But now with the wedding looming my focus sometimes wanders off and I find myself researching new cuts & colours ideas for 2017. If you know me personally you would know I have had just about every cut and colour imaginable and always love to push the boundaries with my styles. Which brings me to this post. Even though we are over half way through the year why not share my findings and perhaps give you some inspiration for your next salon visit.

Holographic Hair Colour

First, we had holographic nails, lips and even cheek highlighters but now trends are moving towards hair. To me, this is the next level pastel unicorn themed coloured hair that was floating around our social media feeds a couple of years back. Perfect shades of pinks, lavenders, blues even greens glazed over the hair to give the holographic effect. Whilst a lot of photos I have seen look to have a very light blonde base there a couple of pictures which look to have been set in darker tones too.

Hair Trends 2017
Marble Hair Dye

Now this one here is quite interesting. After watching a few Youtube videos this one here can be done a couple of ways. The drops of hair colour are added to shaving cream and then swirled into small patterns. The swirled pattern is then printed onto small sections of hair OR the colour can be applied directly to a small section of hair. Each bright colour overlapping the last. When at the sink the stylist will blend the colours together. The final look is a very similar to the Holographic Hair just more bold in my option.

Hair Trends 2017
Blunt Bob

If the bright colours aren’t your thing then maybe a Blunt Bob is for you. Usually cut anywhere from the collar bone to the jawline this one here is a personal favourite of mine and one I have worn many times over the years. I love that its low maintenance and doesn’t need a flashy colour to complement its look- perfect for those on a budget. The trend has been around for a number of years and I personally can’t see it going anywhere soon. Nothing beats a messy, lived it, blunt bob, and for something little extra add a blend to it using a styling too. The Blunt Bob is super easy to maintain and can make the most un trendiest person look cool.

Hair Trends 2017

Cher Hair

If you were not around in the 70’s and 80’s Cher was and still is a total fashion icon. As we know trends revolve, this one is making a big comeback thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian Think, waste length super straight black hair with a centre part. To me, this sleek straight look oozes sexiness but extremely unpractical for the average mum like me haha!

Hair Trends 2017

Do you push the boundaries with your hair or do you stay in the safety of our comfort zone? Let us know in the comments below.This will also be my last post for a few weeks. We head away to Palm Cove next week for the wedding which as you can imagine I am completely beside myself with excitement. The next time you hear from me I will be a wifey. AHHHHH!! I will do my best to post to my Instagram so feel free to follow me on there.

Photos from Instagram accounts of Ross Michael's Salon, xostylistsxo, Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner