Introducing Mecca MAX: Products + Review + Swatches

The long awaited latest release from Mecca, Mecca Max is now here and guess what…. its super affordable with prices starting at just 5 bucks! Did you hear that? The sound of makeup lovers rejoicing everywhere. 

I was lucky enough to be sent a beautiful package from Mecca PR and I also managed to make a sneaky order while I was holidays. I have been trying out the products most days since I have been home and already have some faves. If you would like to hear my thoughts on some of the products from the range keep on reading.

Life Proof Longwear Foundation 30ml $32

Mecca state that this is a creamy long wear foundation with a satin finish. There is a total of 8 shades in the range. I have the shade Ivory 2.0 and is a great colour match for my Mac NW20-25 skin tone. I found I got better coverage when I blended with a brush- a Beauty Blender seemed to suck up a lot of product. Being a long wear formula my skin finds it a little drying so applying over the top of a nice creamy primer seems to solve that issue. I have tried to build up the foundation around the areas where my pigmentation is starting to peek through again and found it did an ok job at covering it up.  I enjoyed that the foundation didn’t crease around my mouth which is something that I have a lot of issues with, with both affordable and high-end foundations.

Mecca MAX
Life Proof Cream Concealer 3.8g $22

I picked up the shade Nude 3.5 which suits me perfect when I am tanned but a little too dark when I’m not. I love the creamy formula and liked that it covered my dark circles well. Like the foundation, I had minimal creasing. I love the packaging- small and compact and the doe foot applicator makes it easy for touch ups on the go. This formula would also be good for those no makeup days as when worn alone is almost undetectable on the skin. Mecca has a total of 5 shades available.

Sunlit Skin Bronzing Powder 10g $22
One of my favourite products from the range is the Sunlit Skin Bronzer. I have been using the shade medium and it seems to work well when I am both natural and gives a subtle glow when I am tanned. This was one of the products I took away on holidays and wore it every time I wore makeup. I am not usually one to wear bronzer, just contour but this bronzer has converted me. There does seem to be some glittery sparkles in the pan but thankfully these don’t transfer to the skin and the formula blends out well. It has a pleasant summery scent. Again, super compact package and I love that they have added a mirror.

Mecca MAX

Shimmer Shot Illuminating Wand 4.5g $25
The first time I used the foundation, I swapped out the primer and tried this instead. I am all for that glowy/dewy life and was super excited to try this one. However, I found that when used it under a foundation  I didn’t get as much glow as I was hoping for and found for me, it works best when mixed into the Life Proof Foundation. This product does have the glittery sparkles and they do stay on the skin when worn alone. I love that the packaging makes for super easy for application with the press button top and brush on the end. I have the shade Peal with is 1 of 3 shades.

Mecca MAX
Mecca MAX

Chic Cheek Blush Powder 10g $22
Mecca says that this blush is a blendable, creamy-feel, colour-popping powder for a sweet, natural-looking flush and I would have to agree completely. I have the shade, Gold Glow which is beautiful but is very subtle again when I am tanned. I think this shade would be beautiful for those with a fair skin tone to add a bright pop of colour to the cheeks. The formula is similar to the bronzer and blends out well. Mecca has released 3 shades.

Mecca MAX

Mecca MAX

Top to bottom: Pearl Shimmer Shot Illuminating Wand, Skinny Latte A-Lipster Liquid Lipstick, Gold Glow Chic Cheek Blush Powder & Medium Sunlit Skin Bronzing Powder

Eyephoria Vivid Impact Palette 22g $45

The most expensive product in the line is this Eyephoria Vivid Impact Palette. Containing a total of 10 shades, with a mix of neutrals to gorgeous purples this palette is said to complement every eye colour. On their website, Mecca does state that the palette offers a range of matte and shimmers however in the pan I feel that the formula of these shades is satin and shimmer. I love that the shimmers have beautiful pigmentation and an almost a sticky like texture which is perfect for the eyes as it as it really holds well on the lids without a base especially with a brush and I found there was minimal fallout.  For someone with hooded lids, I just love to see at least one matte transition shade. 

Mecca MAX
mecca MAX
Eye Max Power Couple Mascara $25
Mecca advises using the double ended mascara a little different to your regular. First, you take the super small and slim end and run it through your lashes. I don’t know what it is about this mascara but it’s almost like a magnet that attracts every single lash and separates them creating the illusion of more lashes. Then finishing off with a coat from the other end. This wand to me is your standard chubby wand. However, it manages to coat the lashes and give me some extra drama. The formula holds well and doesn’t flake during the day.


A-Lipster Liquid Lipstick 3.5g $28
This was one of two lipsticks I took away on holidays. I don’t know what I love more, the formula or the shade. Skinny Latte (pinky nudes are life!)  You guys know I am not usually the biggest fan of matte Liquid Lipsticks as they are notorious for being flaky and super drying. But while the formula of these is quite thin it doesn’t leave that real “set” feeling on the lips but feels almost weightless and kind of just like lips! I did find after eating and drinking it wore off a little around the inside of my lips but didn’t look bad and is easy to reapply without looking patchy. I really look forward to adding more of these to my collection.

Mecca MAX

Pout Pop Lipstick 3.5g $20
I haven’t worn this one much yet, however, this gorgeous pop of colour coral shades are my go to in summer so I see her getting a lot of use then. The formula is lovely and creamy and the pigmentation is great. I actually think this would work well as a cream blush too.  I especially love the pop-up bullet packaging.  Mecca has released a whopping 29 shades so there is bound to be something for everyone. 

Mecca MAX

Top to bottom: Freedom Fighter Pout Pop Lipstick & Skinny Latte A-Lipster Liquid Lipstick

Mecca MAX

Finals thoughts.
As you have read there are a few products I like more than others, which is to be expected from any brand. I am absolutely so excited that Mecca took the plunge and have released this affordable range. Most of the products are similar prices to what you would see in Priceline with the quality being just as good, if not better. I can’t wait to see what else Mecca have in store for the brand. Have you got your hands on the Mecca Max range yet? What are some stand out products to you?








Some items in this post were sent to me for consideration of a review. This has not persuaded my opinion of the products as always, these thoughts are my own.
  • I love the name of the base products, Life Proof! How good is that! I’m so keen to try their foundation, concealer and eyeshadow palettes! I’ll probably end up adding more to my wish list…

    • LOL they are cute huh!! You will really like I foundation I reckon!

    • LOL they are cute huh!! You will really like I foundation I reckon!

  • Felicia Anastasia Bardan

    I’m soooo keen on trying their lip products! From the sounds of things, I think they will be my favourite!

    Felicia //

  • Kate Flint

    This was definitely something missing Mecca so kudos to them! Sounds like there are a few great stand out products which is exciting 🙂

    Kate |

  • I made quite a a couple of MECCA Max purchases too and my fave as got to be the concealer! I use it everyday now and I’m happy to report it has become part of my everyday routine!

    Rochelle ||

    • Thats awesome, I do love the concealer too, its a really nice eye shadow base too

    • Thats awesome, I do love the concealer too, its a really nice eye shadow base too

  • I was really excited for this launch but to be honest nothing is jumping out at me! It’s good to hear that most of the products are really nice though!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • Oh, that’s a shame. Hopefully, their future launches will be more appealing to you.

    • Oh, that’s a shame. Hopefully, their future launches will be more appealing to you.

  • Dianne Childs

    29 shades of lipstick is impressive! Also keen to check out the long-wear foundation, it sounds lovely 🙂

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    • I know it’s crazy the shade range! The foundation is beautiful for photography too!

    • I know it’s crazy the shade range! The foundation is beautiful for photography too!

  • The Life of Laura

    Love this! I want to get the eyeshadow next! I have been absolutely obsessed with the mascara!! It just looks so fluffy and natural AND DOESN’T SMUDGE!!

    Laura || xx

    • I know right!! The mini brush gets every lash. I want to try the eyeshadow quads

    • I know right!! The mini brush gets every lash. I want to try the eyeshadow quads

  • Mecca have really nailed it with their new collection! I picked up one of the eyeshadow quads, duos and the quick brush cleaner but the mascara is definitely on my list next! X

  • THere are so many winners in this new collection. Im keen to see what they do next! Im currently in love with the blush, highlighters and double ended mascara!!

    • I want to try the highlighters and the yellow face powder!

    • I want to try the highlighters and the yellow face powder!

  • HerQuarters

    Such beautiful looking products, the Gold Glow Blush and the Eyephoria Vivid Impact palette are very pretty.

    Amy |

  • I checked out the range when it was released and didn’t end up buying anything because I’m trying not to crazily buy so much makeup. I’m glad I did though so I can use reviews like this to narrow down what I would actually use and love.

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

  • I feel like I need to get more Mecca Max products after reading this. It’s great to hear good things about the foundation and concealer! I was a bit iffy about them.
    Isabella |

  • Steph @

    Thank you so much for the review and swatches! We don’t have Mecca Maxima here in SA so I’ve been relying on blogger swatches. I was really interested in the Gold Glow blush too. It’s way less gold than I imagined!

  • What a great photos. Love it!

  • Great picks and review. I am going to check out the Sunlit bronzer and the pout lipsticks, the shades look so pretty.

  • !The products you chose all look incredible!

  • I grabbed a Pout Pop lippy when I ducked in to pick up my Beauty Loop box! I love the opening/closing mechanism, its so fun!! I thought they would have released more eyeshadow palettes than just the one! Maybe they will release more as time goes on!

    Mel xx || Loads of Lifestyle